the guts company is a young, Dresden-based dance company founded in 2013 by Johanna Roggan and Josefine Wosahlo. The company´s artistic goal is to create contemporary dance productions, which touch the audience on a “gut level”. Consequentially it´s the company´s and its performers strength to represent interiority and emotionality on stage. Thus the guts company was awarded the Ursula-Cain-Advancement Award - part of the Saxon Dance Award 2017 - for their work Das Eigene/ HEIMAT.

Since 2016 the company extended and consists now of four steady members. Besides Johanna Roggan as Artistic Director and Josefine Wosahlo as Company Manager, Dana Bondartschuk responsible for Public Relations and Judith Hellmann as Financial Manager added the company. A project-based collaboration exists with Heike Zadow as Production Assistant. Moreover the company cooperates closely with the Frankfurt dance dramaturge Célestine Hennermann who accompanies the productions.

The company is highly engaged in the local dance scene and their developments over the past years. Thus the connection to the city is very strong and the decision to work in a place which has low freelancing structure is consciously chosen. Bringing Dresden based artists from various fields together with those from other cities and countries therefore is the intention and request. The strengthening of such connections has effects on two directions: It brings Dresden and Dresden artist with their works out into the world, at the same time it invigorates Dresden´s scene by integrating different influences which in the best case can be and become a centre of attraction for artists. Out of all that the company is based in Dresden. Dresden´s dance history as well as historical and artistically important places like the Festspielhaus Hellerau or the former school of Mary Wigman are contributing to this fact.

the guts company is constantly looking for project-matching dancers, musicians, visual artists, stage designers and so on. The establishment of different contexts is a main aspect of the work, which is headed to stimulate exchange and fluent inspiration through the collaborating artists themselves as well as the chosen subjects. Cross genres contemporary dance pieces, video dance works, site-specific productions, interactive productions and performative installations arise from these contexts. The works are dealing with a highly physical atmosphere, not only reduced on technical skills but rather using a certain quality that literally moves the performers - and in consequence the watching audience.

Thanks to a two-year within the Doppelpass Fund of the Federal Cultural Foundation, the company cooperates with the Societaetstheater Dresden for the seasons 2015/16 and 2016/17. The corresponding guest performance tour follows til 2018.

In her artistic work Johanna Roggan is searching for a way of staging which is not only approaching subjects through aesthetic tools, but moreover conceiving them through a very physical movement language. Thereby she is always putting herself the question: What is lying behind a movement, or underneath? Which bodily layer do one has to use to create emotions in a dancer´s body which can beyond the stage also reach the audience? Out of this way of working the search for so called bodily extensions is resulting. May it be through costume, using interactive systems or simply the for her essential work on communicable inner states. Pieces with a high emotionality consequently are emerging from that. Her productions are accompanied by an intense movement and material research. Social relations and contexts, subjects of negation and human abysses are important companions at the moment. Her occasionally abstract pieces are not only staged in classical theatre situations. Johanna Roggan especially works across genres, also site-specific productions, dance films and performative installations are belonging to her working field.