The artistic birth of Lisanne Goodhue (Canada) holds of the crossing between dance and visual arts. She received her classical dance training at L'École Supérieure de Danse du Québec and studied contemporary dance at Ladmmi, l'école de danse contemporaine (2010) as well as visual arts at Collège Montmorency. Since 2007, she has worked as a freelance dancer in in Montréal, Brussels, Hamburg, Leipzig and Berlin and in close collaboration with Sebastian Matthias since 2009. Lisanne choreographed and performed her work eLLipSe in Montreal in January 2014, together with musician Simon Goff and visual artist Louise Viger. In 2014 Lisanne collaborated with the Dresden choreographer Johanna Roggan (the guts company) and was also part of the Groove Space series mainly in Germany, Switzerland and France, together with Sebastian Matthias research group.

Collaboration with the guts company:

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