Simon Goff is a British violinist, musician and composer based in Berlin. He has worked all over Europe performing and collaborating with a wide variety of artists. He specialises in contemporary and experimental music performance and in his own work, creates experiential performances that explore how compositional and technical devices can enhance the relationship and interaction between musicians and audiences.

His recent collaboration with artist Anna Kubelik Well Tempered Hygrometer Part II was part of the Schlossmediale Festival in Switzerland and in 2013 he was invited to Montreal, Canada, to perform eLLipSe, a collaboration with the Quebecois artists, choreographer Lisanne Goodhue and visual artist Louise Viger. As a performer he has recently worked with the likes of New York bands And The Wiremen and Bee and Flower, as well as choreographer Sebastian Matthias in his piece Danserye which was presented at Tanzplatform 2014. He has featured on records with members of Swans, J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr and Canadian artist Aidan Baker of Nadja. In 2013 he also worked with composer Lynn Wright on a piece for the John Cage Foundation.
He has performed extensively throughout the world including Canada, America, Europe and the Middle East.

Collaboration with the guts company:
Das Fremde/ ALIENIdentität (2016)

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