Born 1984 in the Vogtland, grown up in between Jena and St. Petersburg, Dana Bondartschuk now lives in Dresden since 2008. Her master's degree at the university in Jena lead her through several months of travelling in India, Russia und America almost directly to the cultural scene in Dresden. With her passion for background she quickly began to take over production management, organsiational and press and public relations work for several theater companies.
She works in many sections in HELLERAU - European Center for the Arts Dresden since 2011 and is momentarily working for their artistic administration department.
Volunteer work for the cultural scene of the city Dresden are just as important to her as professionalising the local scene. She was the head of the festival office of Tanzplattform Deutschland 2012 in HELLERAU.
Since 2012 she is the head of the public relations work for the Scheune-Schaubudensommer and since 2015 she is working together with Johanna Roggan and the guts company.

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