Max Rademann is a freelance writer, draughtsman, director and DJ. He presents his songs live on the electronic organ. In collaboration with Jens Rosemann he produces animation films, like the renown series Peschi & Poschi. Since 2005 he is an author of the Dresden Lesebühne Sax Royal. Since 2011 he is also reading at the Görlitzer Lesebühne Grubenhund. Vom funkelnden Fips und andere geheime Sagen aus dem Erzgebirge is a collection of stories by him that got published in 2009 by Wald & Wiese Verlag. His first CD named Hey Hey Heiko Hey got realeased in 2011. Since then he moderates the musical series Dienstagssalon in HELLERAU - European Center for the Arts Dresden. In 2014 he published his first children's book. It is named Die Dörte und der Unkönig Willy and was published by Voland & Quist. Since 2015 he is working together with Anna Mateur on her monthly show Büro für Ordnung und Chaos in Scheune Dresden.

Collaboration with the guts company:
Das Eigene/ HEIMAT (2016)

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