Rebekka E. Böhme is a dancer and choreographer that collaborates with various artists, choreographers and companys since 2007. Among others she performed with Volksbühne Berlin/René Pollesch, Derida Dance Company, SETanztheater, Cie. Alexandra Rauh, mindthegut artist collective, Rivers of Europe project, Marcello Lussana, Robert Wechsler, Yoshiko Waki, Anna Anderegg, Juraj Korec, Hervé Thiot, Benoit Maubrey, Marco Lulics, Alexandra Pirici, Naneci Yurdagül, Brandt Brauer Frick. Own dance pieces and video works have been shown at different venues in Germany, Turkey, Greece, Israel and The Netherlands.

Rebekka worked as direction and production assistent/coordinator for dance projects and festivals. Moreover she teaches contemporary dance and is a circus trainer (acrobatic, sphere, clown) at Circus Cabuwazi.

Collaboration with the guts company:
Das Eigene/ HEIMAT

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