Stefan Senf, born 1977, had an early interest in any kind of electronic music. Before he started experimenting with self-made tape loops, a turntable and some records shortly before 1990, he recorded music to cassette tape off the radio which many years later led to becoming part of Dresden's infamous Radio Buschfunk crew in 2009. The early nineties saw him collecting records, playing out as a DJ (starting ca. 1993), producing and releasing music with the first two vinyl releases to happen in 1995. In a short period of time he played all over Germany, Europe and made his first visit to Japan in 1997. He co-ran the record label Brutal Chud (*1995/†2008) and so far played and produced anything from Hardcore to Broken, Hard Breakbeats, Digital Hardcore, Noise, Experimental, Breakcore, Ambient/Drones, Electronica. In 1998 he set up Suburban Trash Industries as a record label with a few sublabels to follow later on (Bohnerwachs Tonträger, Russian Roulette, Dirty Dancing). Eventually Suburban Trash also became an online Mailorder and distribution company for electronic music in 2005. First specialised in experimental electronic music, Breakcore and other hard styles is today's focus on Bass music, Skweee and many other electronic music genres. He's been organising and promoting shows in Dresden since 1999 and has released 12 vinyls and CDs over the past years.
With all the contacts grown over the last decade and being a musical insider it is important for him to share the music with others i.e. The Wickedest Sound @ Radio Buschfunk, weekly Platten Wettshop @ Altes Wettbüro Dresden (record shopping at night) or booking & promoting local and international DJs / Live Acts to Dresden. Recent projects include productions for film & theatre, a dark ambient / drones live-show (as played at Opera Royal de Wallonie, Liège), various works for artist Markus Draper, for whom he created soundtracks for his ambitious art projects and installations since 2006, Orkester Kubiczek together with producer Echology as well as the 2011 founded music project Assimilation Process to name a few.
The steady interest in old and new, the consistent sharing of information about it and the persisting power to go further... it all happens under the banner of music.

Collaboration with the guts company:

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