Susan Schubert, born 1986, received her diploma in dance education at Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden which was followed by a master´s study in dance sience at Freie Universität Berlin. Susan is a member of art der stadt e.V. Gotha and its ensemble with which she realized diverse full-length dance/theatre/pieces.
Since 2012 she is working close with Cindy Hammer. Together they are leading the Go Plastic Dance Theatre.
Susan also created her own productions, like the grass is green, green is the grass, SzenariNO and TWIN SPOTS. Moreover she was the artistic leader of the monthly improvisation evening at Projetkttheater Dresden. As dancer Susan appeared in pieces like ALICE II / Asphaltwunder und Sirenen ein Roadtrip and MIT ALICE IN DEN STÄDTEN. She is giving workshops in the fields of theatre, play, movement.
Since 2016 she owns the TENZA schmiede, production center for the freelance dance scene and for dance education in Dresden Johannstadt.

Collaboration with the guts company:

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