Based on the story Der Bau by Franz Kafka, the piece includes three characters: The creature, its burrow and the noise, represented by dancer, scenery and sound. In order for scenery and sound to make decisions and interact with one another, they get a "consciousness" by means of the computer.

In the course of the plot, the creature loses control of its burrow and is haunted by the gruelling noise. But not only the creature, it's the dancer herself that loses control over the scenery, which in turn takes the lead and forces dancer and sound to act by its will.

Thanks to: Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, WERKLEITZ e.V., satis&fy, Intolight, Agentur Kappa GmbH, Überschall Medien GmbH,
ROSENPICTURES Filmproduktion

DER BAU_trailer

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