Monstra sunt in genere humano - monsters are part of our human race.
(Augustinus von Hippo)

MONSTER stands for an unnatural, usually quite ugly and frightening entity or malformation. Monstrosity isn't a physical property but an interpretation by human beings on terrifying otherness. However, otherness is omnipresent in a society which marks individualism as a duty of personality development. Human ineptitude at dealing with this contradiction leads to both appeal and rejection of our fellow man within and towards society.

Four dancers, four monsters, four anxieties, one society. Every dancer takes a monster from cinema, literature or history to work on a specific role model, finding parallels to their own experience and relating it to our surroundings. They might find power in this. They will have to let it out in a very rough manner. Sensible mutations of movement create a connection with everyday human behaviour - it just needs a small shift to cross the border to monstrosity. MONSTERBOX explores the monsters of human society, this strange product of cohabitation. But who is to define monstrosity, normality or neurotic behaviour? Who draws the lines? And who is maintaining them?


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