A body, and therewith a space, is not consisting in heaviness, hardness, colour or similar, but solely in extension.
(René Descartes)

Eurydike leaves. She is not following Orpheus. She chooses Hades.
The lesser evil?
An escape. Forwards. From one place to elsewhere, new, unknown, fictional, imagined, desirable. Transition.

For ortsflüchtig the visual artist Kerstin Ergenzinger creates a kinetic-interactive room installation, that describes this threshold. Her installation allows Johanna Roggan, the dancer and choreograph, to make use of this space in between. The permeability of the object creates ever-changing spaces within a space. The dancer interacts inside and with them. The kinetic structure and the dancer confront each other with continuous relation, tension, approach and refusal.
Part of this encounter are the compositional surfaces of the live-musician Daniel Williams, which arise from Monteverdi‘s Orpheus.

In a triple area of tension between dance, installation and music the audience is invited to embark on a journey, on which they can conceive, dream, modify own and other spaces.

Photos: Benjamin Schindler, Peter R. Fiebig


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