UP is a video-installation dealing with the intensive perception of movement. Visitors of the walkable installation become part of a fierce, yet tender encounter between two dancers. The musically edited sound uses the original noises of the dance scenes, such as breathing, jumping or a hand stroking an arm, and intensifies the game with perception.

Immediate proximity to the on-screen action is created by a predetermined spatial delimitation of the installation. Viewers are confronted with the power and intimacy of physical movement and thus are made aware of their own bodies.

UP is a framework program of LINIE 08. It is open two hours before and one hour after the stage performances every day between the 11th and 19th December 2015.

Where: Südempore, Festspielhaus Hellerau

Supported by Dresdner Kulturpaten and Krokodilhaus Dresden.

Special thanks to: Johannes Till and Nikolaus Woernle.


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