Home always is a personal topic. One of the first questions in almost every conversation with a stranger is: „… where are you from?“ We reflect on identity structures and are looking for an answer to the question what home really means to us.
So we put up a few short portraits of the dancers who participate in our production HEIMAT. We asked them questions about their homes, confronted them with familiar No-Gos and tried out some experimental thoughts. We illustrate a private little sketch on how home can be experienced even without being connected to a specific place.

Anna Fingerhuth

This is Anna. She moved houses about five times. At home, she likes to hide behind the curtains. If she had to decide whether to cut out seeing or hearing when visiting a new city, she would rather choose hearing. I asked her about feeling free at home. On a scale from 1 to 10 she gives it a 5.

Cindy Hammer

„Where are you loitering around?“- nobody likes to hear that question on a family dinner. „Everywhere“- Cindy hisses as a response, then she smiles and lets it go. She last went home for dinner and sleep. If she could decide for a body part to live in, she would choose her head. She thinks it could be rather funny in there.

Romy Schwarzer

I wanted to know how many secrets Romy keeps from her family. On a scale from 1-10 she gives this one a 6. If she feels needed at home? She rather thinks, that we adjust ourselves with any place or people that surround us. The feeling of being needed emerges when at a certain point she's not able to imagine herself in a different surrounding. When she belongs there. Thats how a natural co-dependency develops. Romy needs her bed to feel at home, and a few personal things when she is on the road.
Romy likes saxon Sauerbraten.

Simone Detig

On a scale from 1-10, how much Bavaria is in you? Simone gives it a 6. During her childhood, she liked to eat the sweets, her parents sometimes gave her to school. When she is on the road, she likes to pass specific personal stuff up to realize, what she doesn't need. Nevertheless, she always carries something to write with her. She likes to look into the feeling of beeing in a place she's foreign to. She even changes her habits and assimilates to her surroundings.
Simone does not have a dachshund.

Jule Oeft

Where would you go if your home would disappear from one day to another?
„Being a guest is good, coming home is better“ - do you agree?
I happen to feel quite at home when I am a guest somewhere.
If you had to decide whether to be on the road forever and not having a home base or being at home forever, which one would you choose?
I would say I would rather like to be on the road forever. Everything else is just so deadlocked.

Teaser: Benjamin Schindler
Photo at the table: Lutz Michen
Photos: Jana Zimmermann/ the guts company