„Fremd bin ich eingezogen, Fremd zieh' ich wieder aus.“
Wilhelm Müller, Dichter, vertont in Franz Schuberts Winterreise

The rejection of the strange puts it in our focus. The rejection is the ghosts we call upon and apparently cannot cast off. The ghosts nurture is rejection. The rejections nurture is our fear of the strange. Overcoming not in sight.
In accordance with the philosopher Bernhard Waldenfels the strange can be understood as a daily phenomenon which irritates, attracts attention, amazes and always leaves a bit of uncertainty for each and every one. The lines man is drawing arbitrarily and necessarily for himself are an important part of one´s world order. Each one owns an inherent system of order which - determined by the individual´s surrounding – gives various possibilities to approach the strange trying to comprehend.

In The strange / ALIENIdentity the Dresden based choreographer Johanna Roggan and her team go on a search for the strange: Where to find it? What is it? Is it possible to create a structure of the strange and how could it look? Can the strange be caught at all? Or does it vanish immediatly, leaving only an idea behind?
The strange appears to be everywhere, in others, in ourselves, it isolates and distances us from others. It is always there. The three performers Caroline Beach, Rosabel Huguet and Matthias Wagner along with musician Simon Goff, confront themselves with the strange and trace it in ordinary structures, memories, utopias and visions. The question left is, who is the strange ? The other, the outcast, the alien? Who is a part of it? A classification is not possible. Does the strangeness really stop when you become a part of it?
A tableau of dance, sound, music, text, and light evolved out of this process which takes the audience on a journey into its own conception of strange.

(Text: Célestine Hennermann, tgc)

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Photo: the guts company
Photos: Benjamin Schindler

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