"Every beginning is a difficult one" is a well-known german saying which is used to describe the struggle of new situations or challenges. In its meaning it refers to "the first step is always the hardest".

Starting point of the new children play of Célestine Hennermann, in cooperation with the guts company, is discovery of and getting to know the new and unknown. Through dance we will explore how a child experiences a new situation. How does the childs approach look like ? How does it learn something new ? Which form of communication is it using for its purpose ?

The children will learn a sense for dance, movement, music and an idea of how theater can be like. For that reason everything will be exactly choreographed: entry, music choice and sound collage, stage set up, dance and in the end the play.

During the play the children have the possibility to talk to the actors, play with them and experience the stage. They can get creative themselves, move, change and use the props. A first dance and theater experience shall be developed. It is receptive as well as participative and with that in its self an important base for and first contact point with dance and performance.


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Photos: Benjamin Schindler

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