In their last production cycle the guts company dealt with the own and the strange. Besides several research framing formats three stage production were developed: Das Eigene/ HEIMAT – awarded the Ursula-Cain-Advancement Award as part of the Saxon Dance Award 2017, Das Fremde/ ALIENIdentität and Aller Anfang, a dance piece for children from two years old.

After the successful ending of this period funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation within their Doppelpass Fund the guts company is addressing itself to a new complex of themes. Under the title MACHT#1 - es wird gefolgt the first work within the series Power to Whom will be developed.

Starting point of the work is the observation that nationalist, patriotic and chauvinistic forces are thriving and becoming stronger in more and more European and Non-European countries, how more and more people obviously want to be ruled with an iron fist.
The search for somebody to ´de-complex´ and ´a-globalize´ the world and therefore make the impossible possible - someone who pretends that we could go back, walk back in a world and time that only allows to go forward - becomes the political agenda.

MACHT#1 - es wird gefolgt is our beginning. It is going to be the first piece dealing with the subject. It surely cannot serve its complexitiy, which is why we will set another focus for each work and format following.


13.10.2018 "Power to Whom - Crowds and Power" - Forum as part of the CYNETART Festival 2018

10.01.2020 premiere new production "POWER" at Societaetstheater Dresden

Graphic Design: Teresa Schönherr

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