2017 Romy Schwarzer and Johanna Roggan set off to search for traces of Mary
Wigman´s dance heritage. Starting point were parts of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in 1936 which Wigman co-choreographed.

Parts of the ceremony were extracted, repeated, decelerated, accelerated - continuously tested to which extent Wigman´s dance language has to do something with
Schwarzer´s and Roggan´s movement aesthetics and what it means to put this rather dramatical movements in a contemporary context of today.

In „variations on Mary“ Schwarzer and Roggan search, together with Josefine Wosahlo, for the intertwining of "dramatised Wigman material", the choreographic principle ´repetition´ and expand together with Benjamin Schindler (video) and Moritz Simon Geist (robotics) the work by the media video and music created by robots.

It became a performative installation. The video installation can be experienced without the performance though.

Photos: Peter R. Fiebig

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