MACHT#2 is dedicated to human rights, experiences of powerlessness, subversion and empowerment.

Assuming that human rights are (like) our skin, protecting our insides and yet letting the outside world in, the task is to examine, to document, to negotiate and to ask questions:

*Do you know human rights and if so, which ones/how many? *What experiences have people had with their human rights? *What are stories to tell? *Where are human rights violated in daily life - without us noticing? *Are human rights in danger?

We take us into perspective – by this “us” meaning both us as people / 'human beings' and us as Europe. Discussing POWER, raises the question that looms over this production: how does it feel have fewer or no human rights at all, who takes them away from you? What are possible survival strategies? Which valid forms of self-empowerment exist in a situation like this?

Johanna Roggan and Benjamin Schindler take a closer look at human rights, not only in Germany but also in other European countries. An evening between dance, theatre, music and video feeds from all over Europe. The process-like piece had its prelude in the interactive showroom of the Societaetstheater Dresden. MACHT#2 / The Skin - Ein Arbeitsstand gave insights into the then current state of rehearsals. It also presented itself as a space for participation, discussion and further thinking.

After the pandemic rendered further public presentations in the context of MACHT#2 beyond MACHT#2 / THE SKIN - EIN ARBEITSSTAND impossible, THE GUTS COMPANY built a hybrid installation in the Hole of Fame Dresden from July 10-18, 2021. Research results and interdisciplinary artistic works, which resulted from the completely changed forms of work since autumn 2020 were presented in the exhibition space.

During this period, the audio-drama-walk UND VERGIB UNS UNSERE OHNMACHT (AND GIVE US OUR POWER), a 32-minute audio-feature about power and human rights, was created.

Furthermore, THE GUTS COMPANY used the exhibition space for MACHTproben as a place for encounter and exchange: In the three-day workshop 08.07.21 - 10.07.21 with Jacob Peter Kovner and Florian Fischer we invited to be part of a laboratory about performative communication, in getting to each other through the simple means of talking and discovering and questioning the power of resistance in public and institutional space.

During this symposium selected guests presented their work, experiences and strategies in dealing with socially borderlining experiences and empowerment strategies.

You can still experience our audio feature.


  1. Find a starting point in Dresden, about an half-hour leisurely walk from Königsbrücker Straße 39. For example, the portal of the Dreikönigskirche on Hauptstraße or the Villa Wigman at Bautzner Straße 107.

  2. Put on your headphones, make yourself comfortable and click

  3. on the following link, which will take you via Soundcloud to play the feature:
    UND VERGIB UNS UNSERE OHNMACHT, audio-drama-walk

Text & Production: Lukas Pohlmann | Voices: Iris Pickhard, Boris Schwiebert & Lukas Pohlmann | Sounds: Demian Kappenstein & Lukas Pohlmann

Have fun!

Photos: Adam Dreessen and Benjamin Schindler

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