MACHT#2 is dedicated to human rights, experiences of powerlessness, subversion and self-empowerment.
Based on the fact that human rights are (like) our skin that protects our innards and yet the outside world is to be checked, documented, negotiated and questioned:

*Who knows the human rights and if so, which/ how many? *What experiences have people had with their human rights? *What stories are there to tell? *Where are they violated in daily life - without us noticing? *Are human rights in danger?

With "us", we speak about human beings as well as us as Europe. In relation to the theme of POWER, the question above this production is how it feels to have less or no human rights, who takes them away from you and what are the survival strategies or what are or can be forms of self-empowerment ?

Johanna Roggan and Benjamin Schindler take a closer look at human rights, not only in Germany but also in other European countries. An evening between dance, theater, music and video recordings from all over Europe. The processual piece will kick off in the interactive showroom of Dresden's Societaetstheater. It offers insights into the current state of rehearsals as well as space to participate, discuss and think ahead.

This public station, but never-ending research work, will be followed by "MACHT#2 - symposium" on November 21, 2020 in the Hole Of Fame. In addition to the stage production MACHT#2 - the skin, people can spend a day there to gain insights into the work and the context of the ongoing research work on MACHT#2. With 2 keynotes from the fields of sociology and philosophy, a physical workshop for everyone on the topic of the "embodiment of resistance" and a possible common conclusion, it is possible to listen, discuss and try out what it means to enjoy more or less human rights.

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