Since spring 2021, we have been focusing on thinking about forms of virtual communication and creativity, creating a new way of practicing, communicating and reflecting on dance through extraordinary formats.

UNIT II creates this new form of dance experience. Adapted to the current global situation, THE GUTS COMPANY and INTOLIGHT provide a space that functions almost independently of origin, visitor, travel restrictions and maximum attendance.

UNIT II is a transportable, walk-in box that invites visitors to experience movement and dance playfully and intuitively. You enter the box individually, equipped with VR glasses and sensors that detect every physical movement. Guided by text modules (multilingual), they sensually immerse themselves in a completely new world of experience within different scenarios.

THE GUTS COMPANY sees itself in the duty to convey contemporary dance, to make it experienceable and to communicate. It creates spaces for low-threshold access and provides insights into the company's working methods.

UNIT II is supported by TANZPAKT RECONNECT, which also implements a structural cooperation with GO PLASTIC COMPANY.

For questions and further information:

Date: 21.10.2021 | 13 - 20 clock
Location: Centrum Galerie Dresden, Trompeterstraße 5, 01069 Dresden (first floor, opposite Sächsischer Eismanufaktur)
Duration: about 10 minutes

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