The pandemic seems to be over. What remains are the lines of social conflict that seemed to have intensified over the past 15 months, as if they were under a viral burning glass. Cracks have deepened, the rhetoric of rejection has become more violent, empathetic encounters more difficult. So much resistance everywhere! It seems much easier than ever to unite in being against something than in being for something. Or is this observation deceptive here? Does resistance still harbor utopias? Questions that cannot be answered alone. That's why THE GUTS COMPANY invites you. From July 8 - 10 we trust in the power of intensive confrontation: with art, language, performance, discourse.

Together with Jacob Peter Kovner and Florian Fischer we invite you to a lecture and laboratory about performative communication, in getting to each other through the simple means of talking and discovering and questioning the power of resistance in public and institutional space. Florian Fischer (director) and Jacob Peter Kovner (performer/writer) put their respective work approaches up for discussion. In his theatrical practice, Florian Fischer has dedicated himself for years to the participation of minorities, the organizing of resistant bodies in (public) space and repeatedly puts his finger in the open wounds of society. The latter connects him with the working practice of Jacob Peter Kovner, who maneuvers across - or through - boundaries of shame in staged conversations in order to create a closeness that we have probably all sorely missed in the last 15 months. Jacob Peter Kovner will also show his performance Doubles.

During this symposium selected guests present their work, experiences and strategies in dealing with socially borderlining experiences and empowerment strategies. We ask these persons of contemporary cultural discourse to share their experiences with repression, their struggles with resistance, the (mis)successes of their opposition to dominant systems. We ask: What makes you resist and, above all, against what? In doing so, we are aware of the time in which we live: we can deduce from it that principles of resistance are also becoming individualized. We notice that the public space which is a place for demonstrations is increasingly taken over by vanities and supposedly irrefutably strong individual positions. Scientist Dr. Emily Ngubia Kessé, Germanist Prof. em. Dr. Hans Barkowski, choreographer Ian Kaler, journalist and editor Tom Waurig will be available as impulse givers and discussion partners.

July 08-10, 2021 / 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. workshop / 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. symposium / closing event
Hole of Fame Dresden Specials:
July 08, 9 p.m. Doubles by Jacob Peter Kovner
July 10, 9 p.m. Opening of the installation MACHT#2 - the skin at the Hole of Fame.

Registrations to:
Planning fee: 15 Euro

Participation in either workshop or symposium is possible by arrangement. +++Update: Only a few remaining places. Register quickly!+++ According to Corona rules, the number of participants is limited to 20.

Status 07.07.2021

Photos: Benjamin Schindler

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