audience practice and artist practice in pandemic times

In 2022 a comprehensive mediation program - AUDIENCE PRACTICE - as well as a reflection and input offer - ARTIST PRACTICE - will accompany the work of THE GUTS COMPANY. It is our concern, especially in these times marked by the pandemic, to create more solidarity, more content-related discussion and ongoing exchange between the public and dance professionals, between art and science, between different arts and artists.

The production Macht#3 - Hoffnung is flanked by the outreach project “Derivatives of Hope”. Three artists – the visual artist Karin Armbruster, the video artist and photographer Diethild Meier and the dance journalist Alexandra Hennig – accompany the production process and illuminate the thematic field of “power and hope” from their own perspective and with their artistic means. Drawings, paintings, videos, photos and text contributions are created, which are continuously presented via social media as well as in a brochure and an exhibition framing the performances.

Participating artists: Karin Armbruster, Alexandra Hennig, Diethild Meier
Concept: Johanna Roggan and Meike Schmitz
Project management: Meike Schmitz

mehr oder weniger

hoffnung ist mehr als es ist egal aber
als ich weiß was
ich erwarten kann

(Alex Hennig)

by Diethild Meier

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