MACHT#3 – Hoffnung

analyzes the principle of hope and makes hope.

In view of the everyday nature of the state of crisis, charged political rhetoric, and deep social rifts, the guts company searches in Macht #3 - Hoffnung for collective utopias of being connected, individual hopes, and shared departures. What does it take to still have “a spark of hope” and how can we hope together? Five performers explore different aggregate states of hope, always in search of connectedness and resonance-with the space, the audience and their own actions.

Co-production HELLERAU-European Center for the Arts

Outreach-Programm "Derivate der Hoffnung"

The production Macht#3 - Hoffnung is flanked by the outreach project “Derivatives of Hope”. Three artists – the visual artist Karin Armbruster, the video artist and photographer Diethild Meier and the dance journalist Alexandra Hennig – accompany the production process and illuminate the thematic field of “power and hope” from their own perspective and with their artistic means. Drawings, paintings, videos, photos and text contributions are created, which are continuously presented via social media as well as in a brochure and an exhibition framing the performances.

Participating artists: Karin Armbruster, Alexandra Hennig, Diethild Meier
Concept: Johanna Roggan and Meike Schmitz
Project management: Meike Schmitz

“Derivatives of Hope” is supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK – STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR. Aid Programme Dance.

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