Workshop klein

During this training, the participants will be encouraged to research the relationship of their bodies with/against the floor-partner. We will work towards natural and organic ways of motion which oppose to codified patterns. We will move using both the cooperation and the opposition always finding the forces that allow an extreme efficient way of moving.

After that we will learn the following principles within partnering:
- Push-pull
- Surrendering
- Spirals
- Jumps, lifts with flow

The class will start with a gentle mobilization of the joints to gradually through games and exercises build up the physicality. The class is very inspired in the training program, OWL Training in which Fernando Balsera Pita is fully involved for the last three years together with Jorge Crecis. (

Three rules:
1. Be very faithful to yourself
2. Be very faithful to the environment
3. Enjoy!

Get a small impression here!

For registration mail to: zadow(at)
Registration deadline: October 18th 2019
Costs: 100,00€ p.p. - payed in advance!

Gyrokinesis 1

As part of the Dance.Transit Festival Josefine will be giving a GYROKINESIS® workshop at Studio ALTA in Prague:

GYROKINESIS® is a body training and movement system developed by Juliu Horvath in the 1970s/1980s.
By means of various exercises the movement directions and possibilities of the spine get trained and combined with different breathing patterns as well. The class is divided into three parts, beginning with exercises on the stool, followed by movement series on the floor and standing. Based on the spinal movement the whole body and its mobility get strengthened and activated.

Please bring a mat!

Photo: Vojtech Brtnicky

Workshop fremd

We´re very sorry, but our workshop has been cancelled due to too little participants!

The rejection of the strange puts it in our focus.
Coming from this, the Dresden dance company the guts company choose the subject with stress on "the strange" for their upcoming theater production ALIENIdentity.
With the artistic process being accompanied by the guts company, we are offering a theme related workshop with our guests. It reaches out to people with or without knowledge in dancing, music and philosophy and aims to enable a diverse exchange about the topic “strange”.

The directors of the workshop are representatives of contemporary dance, music and composition as well as philosophy. They will center around the same questions but find each their own emphasis on it. By doing so they are enforcing an approach and confrontation with the strange through different starting points.

Different guiding themes compose the frame of the workshop and will be connected gradually. To approach the topic from a different perspective the methods of getting to know, and through that the approximation of the “strange” will be examined.
But where is the fear of the strange originating from? Is it “only” ignorance and lack of knowledge of the opposite? Is it the absence of habit? Is the fear of strange a far grown self-affinity? Is it a basic fact of all interpersonal relations? Who or what do we perceive as “strange” and what could be strategies of getting to know and overcoming those distances? Which patterns of action do we call our own and how can we use them?

15 people
The workshop addresses everyone interested in the topic!

Johanna Roggan (Artistic Director the guts company)
Frieder Zimmermann (Musician, Composer)
Dr. Dirk Skiba (Institute for German studies abroad/ German as foreign and second language of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena)

Participation fee:
30€/ person

Course of events:
Friday, 28.10.
16:00 – 17:00 Welcoming Introduction
17:00 – 19:00 Workshop A

Saturday, 29.10.
10:00 – 10:30 Welcoming, summary of the night before
10:30 – 12:30 Workshop B
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 – 15:30 Workshop C
15:30 – 17:30 Roundup of the events
Around 19:00 Get Together

Sunday, 30.10.
10:00 – ca. 13:00 evaluation, reflection, influence of the results of the workshop on the process of the production

Applications please direct per E-Mail to wosahlo(at) till 14.10.2016!
There you will receive all further information regarding the process as well as our account information. Your application is only completed with the money transfer of the participation fee.

Maya m. carroll gadi dagon

Within our next production we´re able to offer a wonderful workshop with
Maya M. Carroll!

March 14th - 18th 2016
10:00 - 12:00 Warm Up/ open to 10 guests
Please sign up here: registration / First come, first serve!
12:00 - 14:00 Workshop/ open to 5 guests

Warm Up: single class 10€ // all 5 classes 40€
Warm Up+Workshop: 120€ // to be paid until February 9th 2016

The number of participants is limited! So sign up quickly!
For the training you just have to sign up using the link above. Please don´t forget to sign out if you´re not going to participate!
For the Workshop please contact Josefine under: wosahlo(at)
You´ll receive further info and account data.

Maya Matilda Carroll / The Instrument Workshop : Embodying Musicality
The Instrument workshop is for movers and dancers who wish to engage with dynamic states of instant composition and performance. Every session is a continual process, following on from a class in which we tune and awaken our senses. Starting with the body, we practice handling physicality and directing it from center to space. Investigating deeper, we work towards specifying how we carry our physicality in our dancing; how we elaborate feelings, desire and thought – with the materials of dance making.
In 'Embodying Musicality' we will be working with momentum and pace; engaging time and listening and allowing our life rhythm to be integrated in our dancing. Following these elements and the passions they evoke, we will look into how we interpret tempo / velocity, how we work in complement with sound and resonance and how we become appreciative of the urgent, immediate, joyful connection of music and dance.

Maya Matilda Carroll is an independent choreographer, dancer and teacher, based and working in Berlin and Europe since 2004. In the past twelve years Maya has made works from solo to extended group pieces, collaborated with other dance, music and visual artists from all over the world. She created with performers from diverse backgrounds (classical / contemporary dancers, poets, musicians, actors, opera singers and amateurs), and traveled to work in many different continents, absorbing their cultural contexts. Maya has been making dance independently, as well as being commissioned to create pieces for state companies, independent companies and dance academies. In 2011 she formed The Instrument with her partner, composer / musician Roy Carroll. Since 2015 she has been increasingly developing group pieces, exploring ways to reflect on old / new communities, tribal / social roots, diversity and singularities.

photo: Gadi Dagon


Workshop For Dancers And Choreographers

St. Petersburg's Alexandrinsky Theater, New Stage
Workshop: 23rd to 25th of April 2015
Public presentation 25th of April 2015: 7:30 pm

Workshop Facilitators: Johanna Roggan, Jacob Korn

[ limited to 7 participants, please see registration information below ]
[ workshop schedule in consultation with all participants ]

*Thursday, 23rd – First Meeting between Dresden team and St. Petersburg participants - talks, brain storming, demonstrations, collection of ideas
__ where?: Alexandrinsky – Conference room 12 pm (noon) to 10 pm

*Friday, 24th – Second Meeting, practical work on JIDDU
__ where?: Alexandrinsky – Media center 12 pm (noon) to 10 pm

*Saturday, 25th – Third Meeting, practical work on JIDDU
__ where?: Alexandrinsky – Media center 12 pm (noon) to 10 pm

Public presentation
__ where?: Alexandrinsky – Media center 7:30 pm

It´s about sound aesthetics and mental body awareness. Participants are invited to explore specific sounds for specific movements. Taking an interactive sound environment as a given fact we will dig into sound specific movement coming from the interactive environment. How does the sound feel like in your body? How can we change the texture of the sound in order to make it more suitable to what we want to mediate towards an audience. Participants of the workshop are learning sensitive listening and responding from different kinds of interactive sound and visual aesthetics – forming an interplay between moving body and body generated sound or image. During the workshop we will test interactive environments for sound and visuals, and will search for specific body qualities. Each sound has its own corporality. Each movement is changing sound, thus also affecting our corporality. It´s a permanent acting and reacting between man and machine.
Source material for the workshop is called JIDDU. Jiddu was composed especially for two drummers by Hartmut Dorschner.
On November 13th 2012 the composition became a Gesamtkunstwerk with dance and live-visuals at the Semperoper Dresden:

Choreography/ Dance: Johanna Roggan, Maik Hildebrandt
Composer: Hartmut Dorschner
Musicians: Christian Langer (dr), Dominic Oelze (dr)
Motion Sensing System: Matthias Härtig
Software Development: Frieder Weiss
Length: 20 Min.

Participation and Registration

The »Workshop For Dancers And Choreographers« is seeking participants working as musician or dancer:
- Participants must understand and speak English fluently.
- Electronic musicians are requested to bring their own laptops or gear.

Interested participants are invited to fill-in an application form from April 1st to 17th.
Selected participants will be contacted.

Application Form:

Short Bio:
Tel :
Country of residence:
name of your instrument/system, if you are musician :
methods learned, if you are dancer (pls name them):

any URL for material, which we can look on:
video URL:
Keywords: necessary:

Interested persons should email to Selena Volkonskaya,, tel : +7 812 401 53 59
by April 17th to reserve their place, or check

More details available at